Terms of Service

User Guidelines

All General Users

As a user, you are to use the Omniscient Tutor Website without abusing specific REST API calls. This is inclusive of the Tutors.

All Tutors

Tutors are also subject to the guidelines of general users. As a tutor, you are subject to keeping your courses and lessons suitable for work. Any NSFW content will be immediately taken down, and your account may be banned. Videos that you create or upload are subject to public viewing. Videos that are uploaded or posted must be of your ownership. If you attempt to upload or post a video that you do not have rights to, your lesson will be subject to removal and your account will be subject to a ban.

Abuse of a tutor involves consistently attempting to upload multiple videos and/or descriptions of the same content.

Abuse of a tutor will result in an account review which may lead to loss of the role of a tutor or a ban.

Attempting to copy another tutor's course by downloading and uploading their videos and/or descriptions is strictly prohibited.

All Banned Users

As a banned user, you are prohibited from accessing videos or from modifying any videos. However, you may view the website as if you were not logged in.

You may contact us for more information on methods to become unbanned.


The Omniscient Tutor is not liable for any courses, videos, or text that you upload as a tutor.


You can contact the website administrators through