Are you interested in online teaching or tutoring? The Omniscient Tutor, also known as iTOT, is an online educational non-profit organization. We assist low-income students from underprivileged backgrounds through group tutoring and instructional videos.

Many Subjects

For all learners


From top universities

Short Videos

5 minutes average

Free Accounts!

By default, everyone and anyone who has a Google account is free to join us! By joining us, you gain the opportunity to become a tutor as well as access the various courses and lessons that we have available! Your progress is always maintained!


As a tutor, you are able to create courses and lessons! You can upload your own videos or embed a YouTube link! The process to become a tutor is simple and easy: just sign in as a user and apply to be a tutor!


All of this would have not been possible if it weren't for our amazing officers! Our officers contribute to growth of Omniscient Tutor as well as providing free courses for all to view!